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October 17, 2005

It's all been a little quiet over here...

Entries in the blog have been few and far between of late. I am immersed in a research project, perhaps absorbing all my writing energies. I'm not sure how many readers would be interested in the topic, which examines the impact of having an extremely premature infant on the parents and wider family. It's something of a personal journey as well as an academic one, given the arrival of our third child at just over 24 weeks back in 1997.

On the church front we have been studying hell - anticipating summer? - going through scripture from beginning to end, and exploring the journey between. How we moved from the OT Sheol to Gehenna in the new and the version of hell popularly held today has been an interesting discussion. We pause this weekend for the local community festival (Spring Fling) and come back the following week to begin a broader questioning of life after death.

What has been interesting in the discussion on hell has been the discovery of the ways in which The Simpsons pick up and embody much of the popularised teaching on hell, as well as some good biblical examples. Thoughts of the ever-burning tyre dump very much appreciated as a Gehenna-type image brought many smiles and nods.

But the best line comes from the episode Lisa vs The Eighth Commandment when Bart is reproved for using the word "hell". After explaining it was the topic in Sunday Schoo, Bart takes his usual liberties, which prompts Marj to say "Bart, stop swearing. You're not in Sunday School any more!"

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